What Is It? Game

THC_GAME_3.0The “What is it?” game is an interactive activity designed to create a shared vocabulary at your school or community organization for community based learning, community service, and service-learning!

Cost: $35.00 per set

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After being introduced to the core principles of service-learning, participants read short description cards of classroom activities and decide whether they are service-learning, community based learning, or community service experiences.

What is it GameFacilitator directions are provided to help engage participants in thought provoking conversations that deepen understanding of the elements of high quality service-learning experiences.

Each set comes with everything you need to facilitate 5 small groups of participants. Professionally printed and packaged on color coated stock paper.

Contents of the game: Facilitator directions; facilitator “answer” sheet; 5 game boards and sets of scenario cards; 5 sets of what is it cards; 5 KIDS definitions and principles sheets.

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